November 17, 2023

Dr Roya Moulavi

Dr Roya Moulavi

Dr Roya Moulavi

Dental Surgeon

Dr Roya Moulavi brings a blend of technical proficiency, artistry, science and patient care to her daily practice. With a focus on orthodontics and oral surgery, a passion for research and a deep commitment to patient education, she has built a remarkable career of 14 years that allowed her to make a significant impact on patient lives.


A steadfast commitment to education and training marks Dr Roya's professional journey. She earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Shiraz University of Medical Science in 2006 and holds an Australian Dental Council Certificate since 2012. Dr Roya is registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and is a member of the Australian Dental Association.

Her dedication to delivering the best dental care possible is evident in her ongoing endeavours for continuing professional development. Recent pursuits involve progressive orthodontics (fixed appliances) and suction denture (with a private tutor).

She has also pursued training to her expertise in implant placement and restorative practices, soft tissue photography, working effectively under IV sedation, managing crack tooth syndrome, mastering posterior composite techniques, and exploring diverse topics such as bite mechanics, teeth whitening, suture techniques for implants, rotary endodontics, prosthodontics, surgical extractions, ceramic restorations, pain and anxiety control, and oral surgery.


As Dr Roya honed her expertise in general dentistry, she eventually shifted her focus to becoming a dental surgeon. Such a transition required additional training, mentorship and having the right mindset. “The desire to do surgery was the main reason for me to start that journey. And then on top of that definitely comes the knowledge and experience,” she says.

Aside from courses and seminars, collaborations with colleagues allow her to refine her skills and stay current with the latest techniques.


A hallmark of Dr Roya's approach to dentistry is her emphasis on patient empowerment. Many patients walk into the dentist's office with deep-seated fears and anxieties, and to address these sentiments, she combines compassion with active listening to establish a connection of trust. Through patient education, she instils a sense of responsibility within her patients, making them active participants in their oral health journey and fostering an environment of trust and collaboration.

"That fear is real. So I never say you're making it up," she says. "If a patient has been traumatised as a kid, that makes it very, very difficult for them to erase it from their memory; their brain is not ready for the procedure. So definitely for them, I'll offer options like sedation, happy gas or other devices to help them settle down in the chair and during the treatment.”

“Through active listening, we can slowly, slowly shift them from being very scared to not being very scared. We aim to create an environment that offers a sense of safety, such as ensuring they see similar faces whenever they are here. We also try to keep it simple for them instead of making it very complicated. So if they need a lot of treatment, we usually break it down into small sessions and then do it one at a time,” she added.

For Dr Roya, the highest points of her dental career stem from moments of revelation — when patients see how dental care can be an experience they can look forward to. This is key for patients to benefit from the full course of treatments and continuous care.

"When I see a very scared person and at the end of that treatment, they feel so relieved. They're expecting a lot of drama, but it's not the case. That's such an amazing and rewarding feeling," she explains.


While her career is centred around dentistry, her life as a devoted mother to her two young boys takes precedence. She dedicates quality time to their upbringing and education. Continuing her parents’ legacy of “providing support for me to become an independent individual and independent thinker,” she emphasises the values of independence, critical thinking and responsibility in her children as well.

Balancing her roles as a mother and dentist, Dr Roya truly exemplifies the art of managing priorities, advocating for education and providing life-affirming care for the people who need her the most.